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Window Cleaning Services Tailored To You

We Take So Much Pride In Providing The  Best Possible Window Cleaning Service. If You Would Like A Quotation, Please Hit The Quotation Box, Call, Text Or Email.

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Can You Clean Windows In The Rain?


Let’s Answer This Question, Once And For All……. YES!!!

You Can Most Definitely Clean Windows In The Rain.


The Claim That Rain Makes Your Windows Dirty Is A Myth!


The Simple Fact Is, Dirt Makes Your Windows Dirty, Not Rain.


  • The Only Reason Your Windows Appear To Be Dirtier After Rainfall Is Because The Window Was Dirty To Begin With And The Rain Has Clung Onto The Dirt, Dust, Pollen And Muck And Stuck To The Window.

  • This Can Also Happen If The Frame Has Not Been Cleaned As The Rain Will Wash The Dirt From The Frame Onto The Window Pane.

  • If The Window And Frame Are Both Clean, The Rain Will Not Cling To The Glass And Simply Roll Off The Window, Leaving The Glass Clean. This Is Due To Rain Water Being Much, Much Purer Than Tap Water.


Tis Gud Window Cleaning Will Take Care Of Dirt, Streaks And Watermarks, Rain Or Shine. In Fact, We Are So Confident Of This We Offer 48 Hour Guarantee, And Will Return And Clean Your Windows If You Have Any Issues.


Can You Clean Windows In The Winter Or In Cold Weather?


Yes… We Can! Winter Is The Time Of Year When The Exterior Of Your House Can Get The Dirtiest Due To A Lack Of Sun And Dry Weather.


  • Your Windows Can Also Be Susceptible To This Due To High Winds And Melting Ice And Snow Dragging Dirt And Dust Onto Your Windows, And The Salt Can Be A Nuisance Too!

  • It Is Essential That Your Regular Window Clean Is Kept On Top Of All Throughout The Winter.

  • Washing Outdoor Windows Can Be Tough For Window Cleaners When Its Cold Outside, However It Is Necessary To Clean Off The Winter Grime So you Can Let The Sunshine In!


Enhanced Safety And Efficiency


Whilst We Can Work In Most Weather Conditions, We Will Not Work In Storms, High Winds Or Due To Safety Concerns In The Rain Or Ice.


We Mainly Work From The Ground, Using A Water Fed Pole System, But Climbing Ladders And Manoeuvring On Slippery Surfaces Can Be Hazardou, But Our Professional Window Cleaners Are Trained In Safety Protocols And Process The Necessary Equipment To Ensure A Secure And Efficient Cleaning Process, Regardless Of Weather Conditions.



We Will Clean Windows In The Rain, Hale, Snow Or Shine!

So Next Time You See a Few Dark Clouds Or We’re Forecast Nothing But Rain, Please Don’t Cancel Your Window Cleaning Service.

The Most Important Thing Is to Keep your Windows Looking A Close To Perfect As Possible And Have Them Regularly Cleaned By A Professional Company, All Year Round.

The First Choice Exterior Cleaners In North Lincolnshire

Come Rain Or Shine!

Can You Clean Windows In The Sun?


The Sun Doesn’t Affect Us At All With Our State Of The Art Equipment And Trained Staff.

At Tis Gud, We Use A Water Fed Pole System With Completely Pure Water We Filter Ourselves. This Means That We Purposely Leave Water On The Glass To Dry Naturally As The Water Has No Contaminants Left In It To Leave Marks.


The Old Fashioned / Traditional Method With A Bucket And Cloth, If Using Soapy Water Method, The Sun Can Dry The Windows Very Quickly, Leaving Soapy Marks.

Fortunately, Tis Gud Window Cleaning Never Have This Issue!

What’s The Best Weather To Clean Your Windows In?


The Honest Answer Is…. There Is No Best Weather!

All Weather types Bring Different Challenges But We Are Experienced Professionals Who Can Overcome Them All.

“There Is No Point In Cleaning Our Windows When It’s Raining”

“Rain Is Forecast, That It’s A Waste Of Time”

Don’t Think “They Shouldn’t Be Cleaning Windows In The Rain”. Instead Feel Sorry For Them, Because Frankly It’s Miserable Working Outside In That Weather.

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